DIY | Patterned Notebook

I’m thinking of changing the look of my UTM diary..huhu…agak-agak boleh tak buat mcm ni 🙂

The Beautiful Indian

A DIY, wow, it’s been a while since TBI’s posted one of those. Right? Absolutely. So I’m going to break that streak right now.

Revamp your old notebooks/ binders by giving it this fresh new patterned look!

Before and After

Like it? I know I do! 🙂

Materials you’ll need:


1. Old notebook/ binder: I chose this notebook from Shell because of that ugly stain in the centre, it’d be a shame to leave it like that!
2. Scissors
3. Magazine with a glossy finish and colourful patterns, ruler and Sharpie/ marker
4. Fevicol (white glue) and a pencil
5. Black craft paper for a neat base.

Here’s how to go about this DIY (trust me, it’s easy!):

Step 1:

Measure squares using the ruler, pencil and Sharpie.
My measurements were 4cm x 4cm, though you can increase or reduce the measurements depending on what size you want the squares to be.
Cut out…

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